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Complete Eye Care Services for Patients in Creston and its surrounding area

Creston Optometric Eye Centre offers a complete range of eye care services to patients in Creston and its surrounding area.

Presbyopia Diagnosis and Treatment

We diagnose presbyopia, a loss of near vision focusing power, with a comprehensive eye examination. Some effective treatments for presbyopia include corrective eyewear, contact lenses, and surgery.

Contact Lens Fittings and Instructions

Our eye doctors evaluate your eyes’ shape and health to identify the right contact lenses for your lifestyle. We can send you home with lens samples prior to your decision on the type of lenses. We always follow up with our patients post initial fitting to ensure contact lenses fit properly. We educate you on lens care, monitor your eye health and lens condition for the long-term.

Eyeglass Fittings and Instructions

We have trained eye doctors who properly fit, measure, and dispense eyewear. Our opticians take the necessary measurements to get you the right size and shape of the eye frame, the right type of lens material, the right coating on your frame, and more. We custom-fit your glasses for you and give detailed instructions on how to care for your glasses.

Retinal Fundus Camera Photo and Retinal Examinations

Our eye doctors evaluate your retina as well as retinal fundus to follow, diagnose and treat eye diseases. With the help of a fundus camera, a low-power microscope with an attached camera, we are able to accurately and safely illuminate the interior of the eye for examination.

Astigmatism Diagnosis and Treatment

Astigmatism is a refractive error, leading to distorted or blurred vision at any distance. This eye condition can be easily corrected with the help of glasses and contacts. At times, eye surgery may also be required. Our eye doctors can diagnose astigmatism with an eye examination.

Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Even if you believe you have perfect vision, it is essential to go for regular eye examinations. Our eye doctors check your eyes for any diseases and determine whether you require a lens prescription. We check your eyes for glaucoma, amblyopia, strabismus and other common eye disorders and diseases.

Laser and Cataract Surgery Co-management

If you want to see clearly without contact lenses or glasses, laser eye surgery may be an option for you. For patients with blurred vision due to age, cataract surgery is a standard procedure that corrects vision with an artificial lens implant. If you have recently undergone eye surgery or are considering it, our opticians can provide advice and follow up post-surgery for recovery and care.

Compassionate Eye Care

Having difficulty reading? Don’t hurt your vision anymore! Meet our compassionate doctors for a hassle-free eye checkup.

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