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Stylish Designer Eye Frames and Contact Lenses in Creston

Creston Optometric Eye Centre is a full-service optometric centre designed to take care of your eye health and eyewear requirements. We offer a complete range of eye care services for both adults and children. We also stock a large range of new fashion-forward designer frames in Creston. Our eye care team is ready to help you choose frames and lenses for your healthy vision and lifestyle needs. Meet our contact lens technician today to find the right eye frame for your specific needs. Let us help you discover your personal favourite frame.

Prescription Glasses

We carry the following types of prescription glasses.

Single vision


Progressive lenses



Computer glasses

Office glasses

Contact Lenses

We stock the following types of contact lenses from various brands.

Disposable contact lenses (daily, bi-weekly, and monthly)

Bifocal and multifocal contact lenses

Gas permeable contact lenses

Toric contact lenses & more

Prescription and Non-prescription Sunglasses

We have prescription and non-prescription sunglasses from the following brands.

Maui Jim Sunwear


Other Eye Care Products

We also have safety eyewear, cleansing solutions and other eye care products.

Cleansing solutions

Eye drops


Safety eyewear

Specialized ski goggles

Brands We Carry

We carry designer sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses for men, women and children.

Maui Jim



Zeal Goggles




Alfred Sung

Calvin Klein



Omega-3 bottle
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Eyelid cleansing wipes
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Refresh optive gel drops
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Cover clude
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packed glass
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I-Drop pur
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Dry Eye Compress
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Macula 2 Essentials
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a bottle containing transparent liquid
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Cat Crap lens cleaning anti-fog
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I-Drop pur gel
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Our Eye Care Products

Welcoming New & Current Patients

We always welcome new and current patients to visit us with their current prescription.

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